Voice Bio

What is VoiceBio© ?

"Sound" has come of age...and VoiceBio© is at the absolute leading edge as a non-invasive, sound therapy that precisely assesses frequencies of the human energy body - in less than five minutes - by merely capturing a sample of a normal speaking voice. 

Until now, we might have ben tempted to consider the human voice to be one sound, distinctive from person to person. However, we know that each emotion, organ, gland and system of the human energy body has it's own frequency that resonates to the particular nutrients minerals and vibrations required for their function thus each individual has their own unique, personal construct of frequencies.  These frequencies are involved in the energy "flow" (chi, prana, life force) in the physical body as well as the emotional body.  When they are imbalanced, the system or organ which vibrates at that particular frequency dysfunctions, creating disease.

In all, there are 12 keynote frequencies in the human energy body corresponding to the 12 notes of the chromatic musical scale.  As an example, the colon vibrates to the note of B, the liver to the note of G, a co-dependent personality to the note of C.  And, just as the note of C appears several times on a piano keyboard at varying octaves, the note of C appears many times in the body.


VoiceBio© is a respected energetic assessment tool used in 11 countries by over 1000 practitioners due to it's accuracy, public intrigue, "no touch" pain free process, ease of use, affordability, speed, reliability, portability and depth of information.  VoiceBio© is empowering and accurate

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