The Compass Assessment

The Compass measures fluctuations in the energy patterns of the skin. The primary feedback mechanism is called GSR or Galvanic Skin Response. GSR is an extablished technology that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin as the body responds to various stimuli. One application of GSR that most of us are familiar with is lie-detector testing. When someone places their hand on the Compass hand cradle, the software sends stimuli to the body using digital signatures representative of various alternatives such as nutritional supplements. Each stimulus creates a unique GSR response, which the software measures and analyzes. Each response indicates a biological preference for the item assessed. Knowing biological preferences help you to make better, more informed choices about your health care. It is like asking the body questions about your nutritional needs and listening to the answers.

After analyzing the data from the hand cradle, the computer displays the results ranked in order of priority, so you immediately know what nutritional needs are not being met in the body. It is quick, easy, painless and lets you readjust your supplement intake for maximum results and efficiency. Last, but certainly not least, it provides you with a more cost effective method of health care. Many people are taking an enormous amount of supplements because they read somewhere that it was "good for them". Not all supplements are needed by all bodies and the Compass lets you know what your body needs to be at its healthiest.

If you are intereste in having a Compass assessment for yourself, please contact us. For more information on the Compass Machine, Please visit Zyto Compass